Hemleverans = Home Delivery!

Everything has changed due to the pandemic. As a lot of people are working from home, our suppliers have no meetings, lunches etc. to cater to. Meanwhile, the companies still cares about their employees and people still eat! Therefore, together with our BeeQuick-suppliers we will, on Monday the 6th of April, launch a home delivery initiative!

This will be a classic “ful-hack”, so some information might not always display correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience and we will adjust certain data manually.


  • Orders can be places as late as 09.00 am the same day from our BeeQuick-suppliers.
  • If you have any questions, just give us a call on 08-888-111 or pop an e-mail to hej@caterbee.com


  • Go to Caterbee.com, and browse our BeeQuick-filter
  • Add the products you like to your cart and press “Fortsätt till kassan”
  • Set date and time (please note that we do home deliveries between 11-13 every working day, but might be able to do it at other times. Send us a mail at hej@caterbee.com for inquiries)
  • Fill in the fields according to your wishes. (please see picture below if anything is unclear.)
  • Enter discounts/gift cards in fakturamärkning. WILL BE DEDUCTED AFTERWARDS MANUALLY. If the total exceeds the gift card amount, a payment link will be sent to you afterwards.
  • “Faktura info” are the invoice related fields. Have your company given you instructions, please use those, so that your discount is recorded. If your are a private buyer, for “Företagsnamn” = Your name again, for “Organisationsnummer” = “Personnummer” ≈ Social security number, and click “Använd samma som ovan”.

Do like these companies and treat your colleagues for the next online meeting!



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 08-888 111 or hej@caterbee.com

Happy shopping and take care!

/ Caterbee